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Account Setup for Customers

November 19, 2012 by Kevin Klimack

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Click the Create button to set up a new account

Most fields are self-explanatory. Mandatory fields include Username, Birthdate (select month, day and year fields to change) and Sex. Email address is strongly recommended but not required; email address data can facilitate promotional opportunities at a later date and can be offered as selections in the Username field.

Create/Edit Account box

Note: Government-approved ID and a user image taken via photo web cam are suggested for each and every account for better control -- and for government compliance (where required).

In security-conscious locations (such as India) operators also must check the user’s ID presented with the user image photo (to ensure the bearer is in fact the same person) and must take care to enter the ID number accurately. (In some cases, for example with driver’s license numbers, a state must also be entered.)

Internet Pricing vs. Desktop-only Pricing

In section 4 of the Create/Edit Account box, set up the pricing structure for this account.

You can offer accounts that do not require access to the Internet (and therefore do not consume bandwidth) a lower price per hour than those with full Internet access. An account of this type might be a customer who only wants to use Microsoft Office applications and play installed games.

For Full Internet Access (the default), the member discount (in section 3 of the box) is set to the default 0.00%. If you instead select No Internet Access, the member discount would be 33.33%.

Therefore, you could charge, say, $15 for Internet access per hour and $10 for no Internet access.

You can make changes in your pricing schema for Internet access per hour, but the default discount is set at 33.33% (off the full Internet access pricing that set elsewhere) shown in section 3 when No Internet Access is selected in the drop-down list in section 4. (With Admin access, you will soon be able to change from 33.3%, if desired.)

First Time Logon

Users will be prompted to voluntarily enter more details about themselves on initial login to the Main Control Station via any Client (but only the first time).

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To set whether a New Account User can modify fields (and which ones) or to mandate collection of information from first time Accounts as they log on for the first time, use the check boxes in the Accounts/Timecodes Setup.