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Setting up the Server Configuration

November 19, 2012 by Kevin Klimack

The Accounts Setup box

To set up default pricing parameters for new accounts:

Define the default time for each addition of time. Shown above as 1 hour (in the format of 0001:00 minutes). You can change this to, for example, 30 minutes by selecting the hour or minutes field and clicking the up and down arrows.

Define the minimum time a user has deducted from their account when they log in. Shown above as 5 minutes.

Define what happens when an account user runs out of time. We recommend selecting Terminate Accounts. (This universal default setting can be overridden in the Account Setup of any given individual User Account.)

To charge for the value of any printing done by deducting the equivalent monetary value (that is, to deduct the equivalent value but in minutes of time), use the Setup b utton.

If you use this option, some customers may not understand why their time has been “used up”. If you do not use this option, the customer pays separately for all printing as shown in the POS receipt details of the amount due.

You can allow or disallow users to modify personal account fields that are shown when they log in. CyberCafePro suggests you do not allow users access to modify account fields (other than to allow password changes, which are automatically permitted).