Where to find me?

Kevin Klimack Online Presence Manager

A highly skilled professional, Kevin Klimack is a passionate and experienced digital entrepreneur, web designer, marketer, and blogger.

My career started in software & e-commerce fresh out of University at a Winnipeg engineering firm. Using my valuable experience gained trough working with experienced developers (such as Mauro & Stefano Biefeni), I started my freelancing career in 2006.

Working in online marketing has allowed me to work directly with people in over 200 countries around the world. Through my work with CyberCafePro Internet cafe software, I have helped build small businesses and supported their growth and online presence.

I learned the finer aspects of SEO while building the online presence's of Industry leaders. I use these tactics in all website I create and for all customers I work with. I believe strongly in using White Hat methods to get my clients long-term results which keep their online presence at the top!

The Numbers They Don't Lie

9,500+ Facebook Likes
129YouTube Videos
148blog articles


CyberCafePro SEO

As the Project Manager (and eventual owner) of CyberCafePro, my number 1 goal was to get CyberCafePro to #1 on Google in the two major industry keywords. "internet cafe software" and "cyber cafe software"

CyberCafePro strictly relied on online sales so being on Page 1 was crucial and being #1 overall was even better! As you can see by the image below I achieved this goal in 2005 and have kept it in the top 3 for over a decade.

The screenshots below were taken on February 2, 2017. #1 out of 11 million results!

Internet cafe software cyber cafe software