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Could an Internet Café be a successful idea nowadays?

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I was playing around on Quora and I noticed the headline “Could an Internet Café be a successful idea nowadays?”.

This is a question I often ask many of the people I come into contact with on a daily basis who own centers.  I figure who would know better than an actual owner of a timed business.

The usual answer I get is “yes… if the market demand is correct.”

Internet cafes, cyber cafes, and many varieties of timed businesses were very popular in the 2000s.  The demand and need has gone down significantly in more developed countries due to hand held devices and the abundance of home computers.

On the other hand many of these businesses have been able to adjust to the time with the emergence of eSports and other lan gaming.  This features many people in a location gaming and socializing.

The Quora article touched on many good points:

It depends. Roughly, it depends on what you’re offering and to whom – which are the basic questions of any business.

What is an Internet Cafe, anyway?

The most basic notion of the Internet Cafe is a place where customers can rent use of an Internet-enabled computer for a fee. As with most businesses, that definition has evolved with cultural demand.

If you own or are thinking of getting into an Internet cafe style business model,  Edward Zuckerberg offers a good perspective.

The article offers a go beyond just profitability.  It also looks at security, anonymity, and social aspects.  I recommend you check it out if you have a few minutes to spare.

Check out the article here…

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