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What is eSports & Game Center Management Software

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League of Legends, Rito Games/Flickr
League of Legends, Rito Games/Flickr

eSports is a huge deal!  eSports is competitive gaming where eSports athletes play each other while tons of adoring fans watch them play.

Who would sit and watch other people play competitive gaming? 226 million people that’s who!  Yes, in 2015 it is estimated that the global eSports audience was around 226 million people.

In 2016 it is a fact that more people tuned into the finals of the 2015 Worlds for eSports than tuned into the NBA (National Basketball Assocation in the USA) Finals… and the NBA finals had their highest viewership in 18 years of 31 million people.  Crazy!

Is eSports Really a Sport?

The US Government does see eSports athletes as pro sports athlete for granting visas for international play.  This means that the athletes can travel just the same as any other professional athlete in any other sport.

The BBC has quoted ESPN  president John Skipper saying “[esports] is not a sport,” he said, “it’s a competition.

Canada’s Sport Network TSN covers eSports like it is a real sport.  It has frequent updates on Canada’s progress in the tournaments, as well as eSports news from around the world.  eSports is sure starting to sound like a legit “sport” to me.  The athletes are not always in the best of shape but they are gifted at what they do.

Dollars and Cents

Since there is such a huge viewership, of course money is going to be involved.  This isn’t chump change either.

What would you say if I told you the approx. $95 million dollars has been paid out in eSports tournaments?

You would say “You are wrong!” and you would be correct.  $95 million dollars has been paid out in tournament play but that is only for players of DOTA 2!   These numbers are from a single game title over 654 tournaments played by professional players since 2011.    I know it sounds unbelievable but check out the numbers here.

The 5 highest paying game titles are:

  1. DOTA 2
  2. Leaque of Legends
  3. Counter-Strike: GO
  4. Starcraft II
  5. Counter-Strike

eSports and Internet Cafe Software

PC Gaming has always been huge in Internet cafes and lan centers around the world.  Some cyber cafe and internet cafe software packages have built in key managers for games and some have begun to take eSports and LAN centers even further.  The 5 games listed above have been staples in lan centers for over 5 years now.

I remember first starting with CyberCafePro and hearing about the huge hit Counter-Strike.  That was in the year 2000!

Paid public access computer usage is down since 2008 due to the easy abundance of home computers and hand held mobile devices.  The industry has taken a huge hit which is evident by the folding of many Internet cafe software brands and local shops.  While some brands and shops folded, others are adjusting to add eSports to their platform.

These brands have re-branded themselves into Game Center Management Software & eSports LAN Center Management Software.

Smartlaunch displays popular game statistics and allows any location to create a genuine eSports experience.  Display results in real-time with player rankings and individual profiles for players.

The participants can also join eSports teams at your and display pro team pages filled with Every detail fans want to see.  Team rosters are automatically  linked to player profile pages, event calendars,  scores, standings.  Everything is delivered in real-time.

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