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    Hello friends, I am Pharaoh owner of Cafe Pendora in Ghana, I am a cybercafe pro server/client user. I love the software, for a free software it is easy to use and doesnt have much issues. My only big problem so far is that, the client times finish without warning, i will like each client computer to warn the user that their time is about to finish. Many other cafe actually have this warning system so that the client is prompted that their time remains 5 mins before the computer goes off. Mine give no warning, it just goes off without warning when your time is up.


    Please i need help, can someone show me how to configure this if it is possible.


    I also will like to know if Cybercafe pro has a wireless hotspot timer? I do not mind paying for this service.


    Thank you in Advance.


    With Great respect for the Cybercafe pro team


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