CyberCafePro Employee Features

CyberCafePro Employee Features

Employee setup is one of the most important aspects of CyberCafePro free internet cafe software. It is very important. It is very important because this control what each individual employee can do in your business. You will need to make the decision on how much access you will give your people based on how much trust you have in them.

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Create the Admin Employee in CyberCafePro

After the install is done you are able to enter the Admin section without entering a username and password.  This may seem tempting to not change for ease, but it is a large security problem.  Make sure to setup an Admin employee as soon as you can.

You will create a huge security hole if you do not setup a CyberCafePro Admin employee.

To get get started navigate to the CyberCafePro Server Admin / Setup / Employees..

In the Employees box, click “Add” to create a new employee or select an existing employee and click “Edit”.

Add an Employee to CyberCafePro

Add an Employee

An employee is obviously someone who works in your location.  This person will have control of your business.  It is up to you to determine how much control this person has.  You should go in with a plan on who will have control over the sensitive features.  We will cover more of that below.

1. Click the “Add” button on the “Employees” setup window.

2. Choose to add from a template. If you have not added an employee yet you should add an “Administrator..” employee first. This will be the employee level that controls all other levels.  This should be reserved for only the most trusted employees.

CyberCafePro Employee Template

All templates are setup based on security level that are common in timed locations. You should review each template to ensure it is suitable for you but through my experience they are a good start.

3. Add the personal information of the employee to “Add / Edit Employee” screen. The windows give you quick access to all your employee information.

CyberCafePro Employee Information

4. Click “OK” to save.

Copy the Permissions from Another User

Nobody likes to do the same job over and over again.  I know I don’t!

As more employees are setup, Area 3 allows the administrator to copy the permission of a user which was setup earlier. This saves time and ensures all the employees are setup properly.

You can create another employee by copying settings from another user.  Select the template employee from the “Copy settings from” pull-down menu and click the Copy button.   This will duplicate all the settings from one employee to another. If necessary, you can then make individual edits to the copied employee.

Once you have all the setting ready… click OK to save.

Edit an Employee

In the “Employees” window you can edit an exiting user. Click on the account you need to change, then click “Edit”.

The edit window uses the same setting as the initial setup process.  CyberCafePro kept it easy.

Edit CyberCafePro Employees

The employee process in CyberCafePro is very easy to use but incredibly powerful.  You can create or edit employees in seconds but control almost every aspect of the employee rights in your business.

CyberCafePro Employee Editing

Adding an employee is similar to adding an Admin employee.  CyberCafePro provides a few template to make adding Part-Time, Full-Time, and management employees also.  You can also clone other employees for quicker setups.

Navigation:  Admin icon > Setup > Employees

In the Employees screen, click Add to create a new employee or select an existing employee and click “Edit”.

Add or Edit a Employee in CyberCafePro

Optionally, select the first check box entitled ‘This employee has administrative access’. This will create an employee with full access to the CyberCafePro Server. Setting up an employee who has no administrative access is the most complex part of the Server setup. What access or permissions you give (or do not give) determines what they can do. It is very important to grant employees access to only what they need to do – and no more.

Setting Up Employees Without Administrative Rights

When you create an employee WITHOUT administrative rights, you allow (if selected) permissions for a wide array of access settings, organized in 3 tabs of grouped permissions: Main, Account, and Admin.

Add a Full Time Employee

When it comes to defining employees with fewer privileges, an administrator must select or de-select each individual setting. You can use the Admin employee as a start, clone to a new employee user name (see below), and then de-select whichever parameters you wish.

It is extremely important to give enough access to your employees for properly executing their job and tasks – but nothing not needed (or which can compromise your cash flow).

I recommends that you review each one of these settings and decide carefully what to allow an operator to perform and what to restrict. For example, you may choose to not allow your operator(s) the ability to delete a sales receipt (to prevent theft) or to apply or create discounts, or to change a regulated tax % value.

These are the Main and Account windows of permissions for enabling (by checking) or not enabling (un-checked) for each Employee set-up individually.

This is the Admin window of permissions for enabling (by checking) or not enabling (un-checked) for each Employee set-up individually.

Cloning (or Copying) Employee Profiles Using a Template

Once the first profile for an employee has been created, you can use the profile as a template and easily clone it to create a profile for other employees of the same rank or responsibility level.

When creating another employee profile, you can select the template employee from the Copy settings from pull-down menu and click the Copy button to duplicate all the settings from one employee to another. If necessary, you can then make individual edits to the copied employee and then click OK to save.

Written by Kevin Klimack
Many of you know me from my days with CyberCafePro internet cafe software.  I can safely say that not many people know the industry like I do. I have been around internet cafes, cyber cafes, and gaming centers since the year 2000 and have even been featured in industry magazines (such as IGames) for my work.