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I love to get question from Internet cafe software users.  Today I rec’d this question from a CyberCafePro user…
Hi Kevin,

I have successfully been using CyberCafePro for over 2 years in two separate Internet Cafes and it has been a great program for the majority of the time, and its features satisfy all my requirements.Unfortunately, in both shops the CyberCafePro server has developed a tendency to hang and freeze (program goes grey and says not responding) intermittently, sometimes for up to one or two minutes at a time, and then will unfreeze.

This leads to a number of problems, such as timecodes temporarily not working for users, as well as the inability to extend a users time when they are running out.

I have reduced the number of database backups and cleaned up expired timecodes, as well as other data, but this has unfortunately not solved the issue for me. While one of the computers isn’t the newest, one of them is running an i5 processor with 6gb ram, which I think should be more than capable of running the server. There are only 8 client PC’s in the shop.

Do you have any suggestions as to what could be causing this issue and any solutions?

Thank you very much for reading.


Hey Shane.  You look you have a handle on where the issue is coming from but you just need to take the database cleaning a little bit further.

CyberCafePro uses a Microsoft Access database which can have limitation.  Once it reach a certain size or hits a certain amount of records you can start to experience significant slow downs.

As always, make sure to take a backup of your CyberCafePro database before cleaning just incase down the road you need the information.

The easiest way to backup the database is to make a copy of the entire “db” folder in the CyberCafePro Server root directory on your C: drive.

The Database Maintenance Screen

CyberCafePro Database Screens
CyberCafePro Database Screen

Head to the database management screen.

CCP Server > Admin > Setup > Database…

This screen is where you can clean out the database to free up room and clean out the old records.  It will speed you up big time!

I have found that the biggest numbers of speed sucking records are in Area 2 and area 5.

Area 2

Check the “logfile” and “Statistical time data”.  Click “Delete Now”.

The Logfile is huge if you have been running CyberCafePro for any amount of time.   I have found that is usually the main offender.

Area 5

The “expired Timecodes” does have many records but the “Clear program usage stats” stats is much larger.

Click “Delete Now” to clean those out.

Click “OK” to leave the database maintenance screen.

Now close the CyberCafePro Server and return to the Windows Desktop.

Launch the CyberCafePro Server again.  Every time the CyberCafePro Server is launched the database will be cleaned and compressed.

These steps should speed up your CCP server dramatically.  You may have to perform these step often as your database accounts and timecodes increase.  I prefer to do these steps manually instead of relying on the auto process.

Comment below if there is any follow up, the problem persists, or if it worked.  It is always nice to hear how everything works out.


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  1. that’s a good answer though it doesn’t work on my cyber cafe pro. When i click on “End session” it ends quickly but when i click on “Quick charge and reset” it takes one or one and a half minutes before the timer is reset. Do you have any solution for that?

          1. i still don’t find any strange characters.
            i also find another error when opening cyber cafe, “no internet connection”. this dialog box appears before cyber cafe completely opens, i have to click on “ok” button in order to continue. I have internet connection in my computers, i don’t know why this message appears.

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