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Hiding Timer During Full Screen Programs

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CyberCafePro user Faisel recently asked a question about hiding the CyberCafePro timer while customers have full screen programs running.

how can i hide the client timer , its not going hidden and customer can not play games because they always click on it while playing
how can i make it behind the game play screen

Full screen program are usually games used for single play and in eSports.  It is essential for the gamer to have full use of the screen and to make sure that no interruptions occur while playing.  If the CyberCafePro timer bar (Floating Information Window or FIW) and the game are fighting for full screen supremacy then the user can become very annoyed!

We do not want that!

Let’s fix the problem.  Fortunately there is 2 different options for fixing the floating information window getting in the way.

Disable Floating Information Window

CyberCafePro is equipped with a setting to remove the floating bar from all client sessions.  It is as easy as checking a box.

Go to the CyberCafePro Server Admin area > Setup > Client Settings..

Next click on the System Settings tab.

CyberCafePro Floating Time Window Settings
CyberCafePro Floating Time Window Settings

Un-check the option to Enable floating information window.  Removing the check will disable the Floating bar for all the client you selected… most likely all by default.  Problem Solved!

But what if you don’t want the Floating Time Window totally gone?

Disable the FIW for Single Programs

You can disable the floating information window directly in the CyberCafePro for each program you setup in your lan center or location.  This give you much more control and help to make your end-user experience better.

To disable an individual FIW you need to go to the CyberCafePro Client Admin.

Choose Launchpad Setup.. in the Administration Screen.

Click the Show Advanced Options as shown in the image below.  It is possible you set this to be always open so you may need to skip this step.

Show Advanced Options in CyberCafePro
Show Advanced Options in CyberCafePro

Next, go to the tab near the top where your program sits.  In this example I am going to use the default image.  The super recent example of Fifa 10.  I think the folks at CyberCafePro need to update that!

Anyways… once you choose the program check the 2 boxes as shown below.

  1. Disable Taskbar always on-top functionality
  2. Disable Timebar always on-top functionality
Fifa Program Example
Fifa Program Example

If you follow these steps you should see no floating information window.

Comment below if you have any questions on this.

Questions on other things?  Go to the Questions Forums…

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3 comments on “Hiding Timer During Full Screen Programs

  1. Good day

    thank you for the reply and detailed explanation

    i have tried all the methods u mentioned, but still im facing the same problem with League of Legends game

    the floating bar still on top

    any other suggestions ?
    note that this happened after League of Legends last update

  2. not only this option, options like hide admin bottom can go hiding after reboot it shows again.

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