Disable USB drive in CyberCafePro

USB Sticks with CyberCafePro?

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USB sticks are a great way for customers to bring in their own documents and pictures into an internet cafe.  It is also a great way for location to get viruses and malware.

So before I answer this user question I will preach a bit…

If you are going to allow customers to bring in USB or memory devices into your location, make sure that your virus protection is up to date and it is set to scan external devices.  Your business will suffer if you compromise other users’ information.  There is no worse thing for a business than a bad reputation!

Now to the question from CyberCafePro user Calvin:

i am using the cybercafepro but it doesnt allow access to USB connections

How to Allow USB Devices in your Internet Cafe or Game Center?

There really is no special button or checkbox to allow USB devices into your CyberCafePro Client.  You only need to make sure that the first available drive letter (after C:) is not blocked.  You can check this in your CyberCafePro Server.

Go to your CyberCafePro Server > Setup > Client Settings… .

In the default Security tab you will see all the drive letters as shown in the image below.  If the drive letter is checked the drive will be disabled on the CyberCafePro Client when the software is active.

Disable USB drive in CyberCafePro
Enable USB drives in CyberCafePro

I need to uncheck the f: drive on my computer as it is the next available drive letter which is not being used by my system.  This will differ among different computers.  An easy way to check is by simply plugging in a device while CyberCafePro is not running.

I hope this helps answer your question.  If you have any follow ups ask below.

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