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HandyCafe is a free Internet Cafe software brought to users by Ates Software & Internet Technologies.

HandyCafe has been on the market since 2003.  Ates Software & Internet Technologies is based out of Turkey.

100% Free with No Exipry

HandyCafe supports development of the software much like CyberCafePro used to.  The software takes over the browser to point to advertising pages every time a customer launches the browser.

Monitoring Client Computers

Track time using HandyCafe so you can charge your customers.  This is essential to any good ICS.

HandyCafe also allows the admin to create members to allow for special pricing and easy tracking.

Remote Management & Desktop Screenshots

Manage computers from your server. Take the control of the desktop and do anything you want without leaving your desk… Get screenshots from selected computer or from all Network at the same time; save them in different picture formats. – HandyCafe Features Page

Bad Feature!

Why?  Because this feature allows for all sorts of privacy violations towards end-users.  Being able to view the customers desktop while in session is dangerous for the customer.

As a project manager and Internet cafe software developers, I never allowed this feature to be added into any release version of our software.  Yes it is easier for the owner / admin, but the privacy risks out weighs the good.

As an end-user customer I would not sit in front of a computer running this software.

Multi Language

You can create your own language using a Language Editor tool.  I have not tested this tool but if does what advertised it is a nice feature to have in a cyber cafe software.

Handy Cafe beats CyberCafePro in this aspect.

Other Features worth Mentioning…

Timers – “track PlayStation, Wii, XBOX, Wi-fi, Backgammon, Chess, Billard and etc. and charge your customers. Generate Timer reports anytime you need to.”

Print Tracking

Reporting – transaction reports with export feature.

Cashiers – Employee accounts for Server with customization features to give more or less control.  Nice!

Cafeteria – The general Point of Sale which give customers the option to order directly from the PC.

Wake-up Computers – Turn on any client computers from Server using WOL. Controls for individual or all computers.  This makes your opening at the beginning of the day considerably easier.

Free 24 / 7 Support – I tested this weeks ago and still do not have a response to why I cannot install the software.  I tested the same package about a year ago on a typical Windows 7 setup and was not able to install the software.

My Review of HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software

This is software is not usable.   I am not being dramatic… I literally could not use the software or get the support to install the program.

I have a fair amount of experience using HandyCafe as I tested it frequently while working for a competitor.  I always thought the software was good.  It wasn’t ground breaking as most features game shortly after CyberCafePro or Antamedia introduced them, but it was dependable.

Unfortunately my only assumption is that this software is close to dead.  My reasons for this assumption are:

  1. The install has not worked for a very long time.
  2. The website only lists Windows 7 compatibly in the bottom bar of the website.
  3. Facebook has not been updated in a long time with many customers complaining.
  4. Support does not answer the email requests.

I hope this isn’t true since HandyCafe used to provide a good option in the Internet Cafe timer market.  I will update if I ever hear back from the support people.  I look forward to expanding my review at that time.

This article is for review purposes only.  I do not represent HandyCafe or it’s brands in any fashion.

About Kevin Klimack

I have been with CyberCafePro is some capacity since the year 2000. After selling the software in 2016, I created InternetCafeSoftware.com to bring news and help to the entire industry.

Website: http://www.klimack.com

3 comments on “HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software Review

  1. Hmmmm Interesting that say this is dead and you hint at cybercafe pro being better, lets look at your reasons for suggesting it is dead.

    The website only lists Windows 7 compatibly in the bottom bar of the website.
    – Cybercafe only goes to windows 8 no mention of 10

    Facebook has not been updated in a long time with many customers complaining.
    – Last post 2015 – I asked a question on the 9th of April asking if the project was still up and running and no response.

    Support does not answer the email requests.
    – I emailed support at cybercafe pro other 6 months ago and no response.

    Then why are you not calling cybercafe pro a dead piece of software

    1. Hi Pete,

      I wouldn’t call CyberCafePro dead because it can actually be installed. If a software such as HandyCafe can no longer even be installed on any OS then that is a pretty good indicator that nobody cares about it.

      These articles are not a comparison to CyberCafePro as I am going to be going through them all. There are many softwares out there that are going on obsolete and if I can help my readers weed through them then I am happy.

      Do I think CyberCafePro is the best free option… easily. Paid option… no. That will come in future articles.

      Do you know who answers the email requests for HandyCafe? I would love to talk to them.

    2. Also Pete, this website is here to help with any CCP questions. I am not an employee but nobody has more experience than me. What questions do you have? I would love to help. Click the question link at the top and start a topic.

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