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Written by Kevin Klimack | Former CyberCafePro Owner and SEO Specialist

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How to Use Your Own Home Page

CyberCafePro has a feature which takes control of your browsers homepage.

This is not malware or a virus.  It is the way the software kept CyberCafePro free for so long.

This article shows you how to by-pass this much disliked feature!

Step 1

  1. Open your CyberCafePro Client Software
  2. Go to the Admin area
  3. Choose “Launchpad Setup..”

Step 2

  1. Choose Your “Internet” Program group.  It doesn’t have to be here but it will be much easier for customers to find the button.
  2. Usually here you would setup a website address.  Instead set this button up as a “Program”.
  3. Map the address to the exe of the browser you want to use. ex. c:\Program Files(x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
  4. Below the in the “Parameters” field enter the full URL of the website you want to launch to: ex.
  5. Setup the rest of the button however you choose so it stands out to the customer.
  6. Save your work.


These steps should allow you to launch your CyberCafePro Client home page to where you want.  Ahhh freedom!

Comment and let us know how it worked for you!


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