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Written by Kevin Klimack | Former CyberCafePro Owner and SEO Specialist

This is a 2 part guide to help with setting up an internet cafe. CyberCafePro is software for internet cafe, cyber cafe , and timed computer businesses.

If you have questions on anything that may not be covered in this guide please contact me.

Internet cafes and Internet cafe software have seen a decrease in popularity.  Luckily many cyber cafes and internet cafe centers have adapted by embracing eSports and the large crowds that come with it.

Internet Cafe Software
Are Internet cafes dead? or just changing?

Internet cafes are not dead.  They are still prevalent in many parts of the world where Internet access is low or restricted.  Also there is still a large usage in business centers where travelers need quick access to printing services and copying services.

Please take the time to let me know how your timed business is doing or if you have shutdown your timed business.  The more details the better but I would also just appreciate a short comment if that is all the time you have.

Please also include if you have changed formats (ex. Internet cafe to game center) and also which internet cafe software or game center management software you are using.

What’s the Purpose?

I am trying to get a handle on the state of Internet cafes, cyber cafe, gaming centers, and LAN centers.  This page can also be used to provide a resource for those looking to start a timed business or are struggling to keep their current business running.

Your comments will help all the readers at understand how to move forward in their business decisions.  There is nothing more valuable than hearing from real owners.

Why Not A Internet Cafe Multiple Choice Survey?

Those survey are easily manipulated by users and employees who want to make their brand look stronger.  I am looking for actual opinion and write ups from people who know cafes, game center, and cafe software… I am looking for your expertise.

Please comment below to let the Internet cafe, lan center, and gaming center community about your business and former business.

Please note that this page is completely unbiased.  As of this publish date I am not an employee or owner of any internet cafe or internet cafe software… so feel free to be honest and direct.

47 comments on “Internet Cafes: Is Yours Still Alive & Surfing?

  1. my cafe in Zimbabwe is still running and i continuously update my equipment to modern would be nice to get a new interface that works well with windows 10.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    The Internet Cafe is running. Just that it is no more as it was. This is because of the Invasion of Smart Phones. Users no longer come to facebook or check their emails. They do it on their Tablets, Laptops and Smart-phones.
    Another problem or cause is as the result of pocket modems/routers. An individual can buy/afford a router or modem.
    This make the business no-more a lucrative one. Internet Cafe business is going down.
    Thank for this opportunity.
    Patrick from Ghana.

  3. My Ciber is still alive on Mexico City, the last months I have been having hard moments that make me thinking for another industry. But I offer games, internet, copies, wifi, photos, etc.

  4. My cafe is in Kenya and it is still running though business is low. Most of the clients are those placing bets on sporting sites like sportpesa. We also offer Wi-Fi at a cost to some other clients.

      1. I use the basic Wi-Fi password though I would like to upgrade to one where I can allocate different passwords to each user. Still working on that. I would appreciate any advice on that..

        1. I know both Smartlaunch and Antamedia offer WIFI solutions. I have never used the SL one but have tested Antamedia’s and it worked well.

          I checked on Antamedia’s website and there is a free option also, although the paid looks far more robust and isn’t too expensive. If I am not mistaken, you can use it along side your current Internet cafe software.

          1. Hi kelvin 1st let me thank you for continued suport on cafe. My comment on wifi hotspot is sugesting using mikrotik is a very good router that alows speed, data bundle and time setup for difrent clients. Works great and its afordable too as u can get started with under $70 give it a try and ad love to hear your feedback. Much love from kenya.

  5. Business not like it use to be …. but I need to feed myself so yes cafe is running but low profits not like it use to be.

  6. I used to run a internet cafe in a voluntary centre In manchester. it was free for people to use but they could donate for electric or sometimes people donated software and antiviruses etc and we also teached people how to use computers. I used this software as soon I took charge of the computers, lets say I could go though peoples history, log into peoples emails and found constantly installed and downloaded crap and viruses. I just deactivated it to do updates then reactivated it and people were always happier the way it was run, the reception desk was able to book slots so it only let people on for an hour so someone else could use the computers.. and things ran smoothly.

    sadly after about 12 months, the whole cafe (we sold actual food as well etc, it was a cafe with computers inside basically) was bought by someone during the annual “budgeting” by the people owning the building. They decided to ‘let me go’ as they “already have someone who gets paid to maintain the computers”. This “paid” person, is yet to be ever seen in the building other then getting free food to take home. since then the “new” computers are such a mess, viruses all over the place, people downloading all sorts, wallpapers changed everything (they uninstalled the software completely saying “we have a better method”.. the reception has no control now, so people ANYONE can walk in with virus infected USB, download backdoors and keyloggers, and walk out.

    To the point now, nobody at all goes in anymore. its gone from people trying to find a computer.. … to your luckily to get 1 person in a day now…. I refuse to go back to sort out the mess they made.,. not worth my time as they won’t pay me.

    also the ONLY other places to find public computers/ internet cafe is in a library. if anywhere in this city charged users to use the computers, they immediately loose all business.. nobody charges as the city has free wifi for everyone anyway, so no point people paying to use a computer when … well just go in the apple store… or just use your phone…

    sorry for the rant, I loved your software and was able to manage the systems perfectly with them.. its just a shame the building came all about money and privatised it to people who seem to have no idea what to do. Shame I couldnt have the money to take over the place myself to get it back to scratch,

  7. Hi Kelvin My Internet cafe is still working and very strong, and the market and business is not as it is , but there are more services I have added, which has made it running very well. I have added wifi server. Many people love and and come to patronize it. I also added games and other online registration for people who cant do them.

    Currently smartphones are killing the business and slowing it down.

  8. Much Love from kenya the bussness currentry is not doing so well but its paying the bills thnk for your support abd development as you created alot of job opportunity especially in africa. Nowaday due to the affordable price of smartphone cafee are for emergecy ie print from email cv and other support like goverment portal/systems web sevirces as cyber administrater can help out in the feild of the form due to exposure. Final comment is still i really so much on internet cafe and its the most porpular cyber managment tool in kenya. Keep up the good job.

  9. I’m running a Internet Café in Toronto, Canada.
    I saw so many other internet café go down recent years but I’m the one of few survivors and my shop is still running and busy.

    Just providing internet access has no longer demand in this country and many other areas in the world.
    If I stayed, I would be left behind.

    Everybody has one or more laptop, smartphone, tablet but everybody still needs some services that can’t be done (or difficult to be done) with portable devices.

    We, as Internet café owners, have to find those niche market.

    I switched my program to CyberCafePro since 6 months ago and have lots to comment but this is my first time to write a comment here.
    I don’t even know anybody reads my comments……..

    I’m willing to share my experiences and learn from other owners in this business.

    Thank you.

  10. We’ve operated Level Up since July of 2010. We offer a very diverse selection in regards to gaming. Hourly and daily rates, all night LANs every weekend, console repairs, retro game sales, any thing the customer wants to play from NES to PC, to PSVR.

    Just had our biggest month ever in July. In the past we’ve used Smart Launch and now I use the POS from Cyber cafe pro. We no longer save time or user names as the customers could never remember their log ins or passwords any way.

    A lot of places are going to GG LEAP. I can see how that benefits most places but it isn’t something we needed. I’ve found a lot of success with repairs, private parties, and reaching out on social media including facebook, reddit, and imgur.

    Over the years we went from 35 stations to having enough for over 70 players to be here at once and it isn’t limited to just video games, we’ve included card games, board games, pool, foosball, and air hockey. I have just as many parents and whole families coming in to play as I do kids these days.

    I think most places are missing the other revenue streams that gamers want/need such as repairs or 3D printing. I don’t think very many places are remaining profitable on just game time people checking emails.

  11. still ruining here in Zimbabwe. In zimbabwe, gaming, wifi ,printing pc repair is still profitable here. I use Cyber cafe software to control my machines. On wifi i use true cafe software.

  12. Hi Kevin,
    I have Cybercafepro installed in all 3 of our library branches, its been about 5 years now if not more. In that time we have gone from a paid service to free, with users getting 60mins a day either on the kiosk or WiFi.
    I’ve always been a big fan of Cybercafepro but others in the management team feel that its not keeping up with progress in the library sector so have forced me into looking for alternatives.
    With the kiosk going free our uptake has gone through the roof and policing it has been the hard thing. I like the reservation system Cyber has but its not used as it still requires the staff to make announcements etc. if this could be displayed on a stand alone screen/pc it would allow the users to be abit more self sufficient.

    I have gotten into Linux abit more recently and have been looking at a programme called Libki at It was created with a library in mind. I have also been using a programme called GRASE Hotspot at I have had it running since the start of the year with virtually no issues that are worth mentioning.

    It took me abit to get my head around but I’m slowly getting there.

    I’m still a great Cybercafepro fan and have been very grateful for all the help you have offered over the years.


  13. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for your support over the years! We are a internet Cafe located here in Samoa(South Pacific).. Yes our internet cafe has slowed a lot over recent years. Mobile network services have definitely been the underlying contributor to this! Now days we have had to adapt our services keep our revenue base. Currently we provide services such as Typing, Print services, computer sales to name a few.

    I’m hoping we can continue to provide our services, as we too have been in business since 1998.

    All the Best!


  14. hi kevin

    me here in indonesia, small, start from 02-2012 and still running.
    from the first run, my cafe mean for gaming, we use local cafe billing manager thats free soft and have benefit for local online game.
    i start trial cyber cafe when i have vision on hotspot billing manager, but then i realize that my equipment and knowledge is not ready for it, so i do not go any further we cyber cafe, i am sorry.
    maybe if my cafe grow bigger, i’ll start use premium softs, not depend on benefit for catching profit, because the great issue is international online games that influence nowadays is not provide with game benefit from any cafe manager.
    i have this opinion, for internet cafe solution basic on gaming, in softwares case diskless manager is the first, then game updater, and then billing. hehe, just my opinion.
    step to make clients nice, neat and safe, extender hardware is the solution like hollylandsoft provide for example, its make clients main hardware centralize in one room or one rack.

  15. hi everyone, i use to run a business like this before, business like this in the Philippines are no longer productive, not because of the wifi, smart phones, and other stuffs. its the because the people who run this business, if you know the term here in the Philippines called “crab mentality” this saying happen on this kind of industry, i think the main reason why internet services like cafes going down its because of the pricing and standard services that each cafe owners implemented, just like in our case, so many business cafe owners close their business, because they are killing each other in terms of the pricing. there is no standard price for conputer or internet rentals, so the price go down to 0.2 usd per hour and no minimum payments. if business owners only create a group that make the price standard i think having a business like this is still the best. smartphone are good just for surfing, but creating a projects, thesis, arts, videos, and digital image editting, i guess you still need a high end computer to that for you.

  16. Hi Kevin,
    It was very timely for this survey, feedback blog. I started Internet cafe 2 years ago here in Iloilo, Philippines. I am located directly across the street from a college in this small town. I never was much into gaming as I see it as more of a time waster being an older retired ex-pat. I do offer learning services for the students and they came in and researched for their assignments and did their Facebook and email. It was going strong up until about six months ago and now only get a couple of people a day coming in. As I cannot bring in enough to cover the online and electric bill (air con) etc. I have decided to close down and try and sell the computers. I have been using CyberCafe Pro since the start and it has been a Godsend. Thanks. I found it very useful and easy to setup and use. It has not given me any trouble what so ever. It is unfortunate that smartphones with unlimited and inexpensive data plans with 4G has really killed the Internet business sans gamers.

    Thanks for your help and software
    James L. Edwards

  17. Hie Kevin Here in Zimbabwe I still use Cyber Cafe Pro and it is still profitable business but the problem is on wifi hotsport but otherwise I appreciate the software

  18. Unfortunately I had to close down due to increasing data charges and power problems plus low customer patronage.its really bad in my area here is lagos Nigeria.still looking at opening another ones another opportunity comes along in an area with more patronage and capacity.

  19. Hi Kevin. Johnstone from Kenya. Truly grateful for this software. Been really helpful over the years. Indeed the business has been low as a result of smartphones but there are government services that are keeping us afloat. We have integrated other services as well but of major concern is wifi. I offer bundled wifi pricing which is far much better than one buying bundles for home use but major challenge is not being able to tie a laptop’s Mac address so that if the individual fails to pay, I don’t need to change the wifi password which disrupts everyone else including the ones who have paid. Some help there needed.

    Kind regards.

  20. I run a Cyber Cafe in Kenya. Business not as good as it used to, but we still holding on. eSport I have not tried yet although I see others doing it but it majorly attracts kids.

  21. Hi Kevin Business is up and running the market has changed, however printing and copying services has increased we have focused more on the business community and tertiary students. Adjustments to the market needs were required business goes on …Location Trinidad

  22. Hi Kevin, I run a Cyber Café LAN business in Trinidad West Indies. (Caribbean) I started business 15years back using dial up speed with only 3 computers. Now I have expanded to 25 Gaming Computers and use both Fibre and Broadband. I have restricted the use of WIFI so that the customers have to use my PCS so I can monitor their sites to make sure it is safe. In the past I loved Cyber Café Pro now I am recently using Smartlaunch.

    With my high speed internet I have installed a program called Netlimiter to set a speed of 10mb per computer. Reason for this is someone may come in install bit-torrent and use up all the bandwidth slowing down everyone else who just wants to check their Facebook or Mail. Also I have restricted the access to the control panel and other admin features. I use ESET antivirus and even installed a program called Deepfreeze what this does is every time you restart the pc it refreshes it so I have no worries about viruses and such When you come in you pay first then go on and play Games, Internet or even Office ..

    I am located on a main road and all 5 schools have to pass here to get a taxi home. So I’m usually busy that time. But yes the Cyber Café itself is dying everyone has a smart phone, tablet, Atleast I offer other services as Repairs, Troubleshooting and Sales for any device when they walk in.

  23. Telecommunication network provider with help of android phones had taken the spirit of cyber cafe from he heart of my customers in Nigeria. Since you can browse at home with you phone and can even connect your phone to your computer using WiFi. As for the gaming, it only work better for the companies and not the agents(like I used to be) here in Nigeria they pay the agents very small percentage and don’t mind how they keep their shops running. I stopped gaming because of power not constant.

  24. Hello Kevin
    I’m glad to hear the news from you.
    My Internet cafe still operational. I had plan to change cafe manager or upgrade a new one. Unfortunately i stop of using the old due to new Microsoft Windows is not anymore can support.
    My location still in Philippines.
    More power to your new cafe manager. Thank you


  25. I run a Cyber Cafe here in taguig manila. Business is still kicking, and it help me more for my family.i just added wifi to accommodate the needs of androids phone in the area. cyber cafe pro is good i never use any since 2012. but my only problem when i replace windows xp with windows7 is the log-off on start button of windows. the cyber cafe of client was ineffective and it becoming a idle of like a stand alone solution is to let the default alert so it will be the warning when the client has been disconnected.

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