Management Tools & Point-of-Sale Tools

This page is dedicated to the active software packages which are part of the Internet cafe software and Esports Center Management Software industry.

I will update this page as soon as the information is submitted to me by the software manufacturer.

I am not an affiliate of any of the software packages on this website.

Esports Center Management Software


ggLeap Esports Center Management Software

ggLeap is a next-generation cloud based management solution for esports arenas, universities, LAN centers, cyber cafes and more. ggLeap allows you to manage your esports business and engage your players through coin rewards, prize redemption, and organized events. Now serving hundreds of gaming locations all over the world!

Coming Soon!

Internet Cafe & Game Center Management Software


CyberCafePro Internet cafe Management Software

CyberCafePro is world's most used free Internet Cafe software worldwide. This cyber cafe software is designed to keep track of time and lock down your client stations. User-friendly and features designed by actual users have helped CyberCafePro stay on top since 1999. Take control of your Internet cafe!

SENET from ENESTECH Software

SENET cyber cafe Management Software

To ensure the convenience of control over visitor payments, control of clients’ time at computers, convenient interface for customers, choose a specialized program. The best would be to have a cloud-based solution, like SENET from ENESTECH Software. SENET. The software to manage your Gaming Lounge with ease.