What is SENET from ENESTECH Software?

SENET by ENESTECH Software is internet cafe software to manage your Gaming Lounge with ease.

This software aims ensures the convenience of control over visitor payments, control of clients, and time at computers. SENET uses a convenient interface for customers which allow each customer to control their station easily. The best would be to have a cloud-based solution, like SENET from ENESTECH Software.

SENET is updated frequently which is a big plus!

From Enestech...

The program is being upgraded almost every day and makes the job of admin as easy and convenient as possible.

And the owner, in his turn, can run his business efficiently from anywhere in the world.


These are some of the standard features:

- monitoring the workload of the PC park, the time left for the user and the content he chooses:

- sharing the game licenses;

- controlling the cash flow

and staff. Not a single transaction will pass the cashbox

- detailed statistics with an option to export detailed reports on the cash flow

- built-in flexible loyalty program for the customers

- an option to set different tariffs for different groups of PCs or weekdays

- modern and user-friendly interface, personalization, private accounts and stylish design;

- feedback from the guests, option to communicate with each client

- real-time PC park monitoring

- 24/7 tech support;

- different access levels to administrating accounts;

- protection against the fall of the Internet connection, which allows you to maintain performance even without connecting to the network.

- post-payment. It means that you are able to make an open check (time is unlimited) and your client will pay after the time is off. The admin will have an option to control the information regarding the timing and charging on the admin panel.

- you will be able to sell goods and services via the admin panel.

Now you will have 100% of all financial transactions under control. You will also have an option to filter the list of goods and also search by category and by the Lounges in your network, including the information about the goods remaining.

Some of the shortly upcoming options:


- anytime soon, you will have an option to update your content on all your PCs using just one main PC. Our tech support guys will help you to set all updates from the start and you will be able to manage the content of your Lounge easily.



So why Senet?

- It is cloud-based (no need to spend money on the physical server in your lounge)

- 7-day trial period totally for free.

- full-time tech support (24/7, quick response in any way you prefer)

- constant FREE updates

- affordable subscription


You are very welcome to check some videos at the Enestech YouTube channel

Kevin Klimack - Blogger

Kevin Klimack

Kevin is an SEO Specialist & blogger who built the online presence & sales / support departments for CyberCafePro Internet cafe software before selling the company a few years ago. Kevin has been active in the Internet cafe software and game center management software industry since the year 2000.

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